Born and raised in California's beautiful Bay Area  I am currently waist deep in the venture of tattooing my artwork on peoples bodies. 

Encouraged to immerse myself in art and having grown up in the enriched agricultural, culinary, and art community of the Napa Valley I've comfortably been an artist my whole life. I've worked with the Napa Valley Museum, Napa Valley School Districts, and Community Organizations such as The Napa Valley Opera House, Napa LBGTQ, and Napa Wildlife Association.

I graduated Napa Valley College in 2012 with degrees in Art History and Studio Arts. I learned the craft and business of tattooing under Donavan Kinyon at The Golden Owl Tattoo in Napa.  I became a Full time tattoo artist on April Fool’s Day 2014. Today I work diligently in efforts to reach self fulfillment.

(Above:"Blood Lines/ Mentors"-Charcoal,String,BFK 140lb. paper. 2014 by Krsitina McDonald)